Production Company: Lisa Film
SA Production Company: DO Productions
With: Christian Kohlund, Michael Greiling, Manuel Witting, Gila von Weitershausen, Sonsee Neu, Timothy Peach, Lara Joy Körner, Wolfgang Fierek, Mary Twala, Patrick Lyster, Cedwyn Joel
Producers: Thomas Hroch
SA Producers: Marlow de Mardt, Brigid Olën
Director: Otto Retzer
DOP: Claus Peter Hildenbrand
Format: 35mm
Genre: Romance
Year: 2008

Shortly after his arrival in Cape Town, Markus Winter, the General Manager of the Hotel group, bumps into an old friend Jonathan who has returned to South Africa after an absence of 30 years.

Jonathan returns to the family wine-farm to find his brother’s passed away leaving a nephew and a wife, with whom Jonathan has shared an intimate past.

Meanwhile, Markus Winter has found a job for a young vet, Katharina with his friend Dr. Mike Kubacherek at a breeding station - where she soon makes herself indispensable.

Another hotel guest, Natalie, an architect, is in Cape Town to build a large football stadium – in the same place where young soccer players get together. Despite protests from local inhabitants, Natalie wants to start construction, but soon falls in love with Luke Hafner, the coach of the young soccer players. The young love threatens to end before it has even began.