DO read about SUMURU

Production Company: DO Productions
With: Alexandra Kamp, Michael Shanks, Simona Levin, Terence Bridget, David Lazarus
Executive Producers: Harry Alan Towers, Rola Bauer, Tim Halkin, Stefan Jonas, Sam Bhembe
Producers: Brigid Olën, Marlow de Mardt
Associate Producer: Rose-Marie Couture
Canadian Co-Producer: Kristine M. Gilbert
German Co-Producer: Framewerk
United Kingdom Co-Producer: Maria Rohm
Associate Co-Producer: Tandem Communications
Director: Darrell James Roodt
DOP: Giulio Biccari
Format: 35mm
Genre: Science-Fiction Fantasy
Year: 2002
Description: In the far future, two astronauts travel through space, looking for a group of colonists that ceased communication some 900 years ago. When their shuttle is damaged in orbit around Antares, Commander Adam Wade and his navigator, Jake Carpenter have to make an emergency landing on the desolate planet. They survive, but the shuttle is damaged beyond repair, and Jake is seriously injured. Exploring the barren landscape, Adam comes across a little boy and his dog. He is even more astonished when he discovers the domed star base of the colonists transformed into a temple for the weird cult worshipping a giant snake – a cult seemingly made up exclusively of Amazon warriors! It's here that Adam first lays eyes on SUMURU, the beautiful Queen of the Antarean people