DO read about KÖNIG OTTO

Production Company: Cologne Film GmbH & Co.KG, WEGA Filmproduktions GesmbH
SA Production Company: DO Productions
With: Ottfried Fischer, Sabine Kaack, Eloise Cupido, Leonie Charlotte Brill, Dini Nondumo, Given Mahlatse Stuurman
Producers: Micha Terjung, Dr. Veit Heiduschka
Creative-Producers: Dagmar Konsalik
Line Producer: Sabine Müller
SA Producers: Marlow de Mardt. Brigid Olën
Director: Zoltan Spirandelli
DOP: Hermann Dunzendorfer
Format: Super 16
Genre: Comedy Drama
Year: 2006

Otto Huber, an average caretaker from Vienna, becomes king of a small kingdom in Africa.

In a story filled with adventure, he manages to save the dignity of the kingdom and against all odds to conquer the heart of the beautiful princess Fenda.

A funny, fairy-tale like family entertainment tv-event with German star actor Ottfried Fischer.