Production Company: Bavaria Film, Yellow Bird, Degeto Film
SA Production Company: DO Productions
With: Iris Berben, Michael Nyqvist, Rolf Lassgård, Heino Ferch, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Julia Dufvenius, Andreas Wilson, Dan Robbertse, Leon Clingman, Claire Berlein, Terry Norton, Anelisa Phewa, Michael Dube
Producers: Ronald Mühlfellner 
SA Producers: Marlow de Mardt, Brigid Olën
Director: Urs Egger
DOP: Martin Kukula
Format: 16mm
Genre: Action
Year: 2009
Description: Kennedy´s Brain is a timely and riveting drama thriller that follows a mother's search for the truth about her son's death. In Africa, she picks up the trail of a horrifying scandal that her son has uncovered. Soon she comes face to face with the people who have caused the death of her son in order to keep the scandal a secret – people who are ready to kill again…