Production Company: UFA Fernsehproduktion GmbH
SA Production Company: DO Productions
With: Hannelore Hoger, Mary Twala, Rolf Lassgård, Renate Stuurman, Kagiso Mtetwa, Dawid Kruiper, Paul Cowan, Ronald France, Cedwyn Joel, Amelie Kiefer, Kym Duru, Henriette Konfurius, Sean Soan, Chumani Pan, Terry Norton, Albert Maritz, Wayne Harrison, Michael Dube, Pumeza Rashe, Matthias Deutelmoser, Theresa Sadras
UFA Producers: Norbert Sauer, Selma Brenner
SA Producer: Marlow de Mardt
Director: Rainer Kaufmann
DOP: Klaus Eichhammer
Format: Super 16
Genre: Drama
Year: 2008
Description: Set on a Rooibos farm in the Cedarberg mountains near Cape Town, South Africa: Ella, a respected neuro-psychiatrist from Hamburg, returns to Clanwilliam after a 40-year absence to attend the funeral of her sister, Hilde. She intends to stay just long enough to see to legal matters and put the family tea estate on the market. But, once back in Africa, Ella is forced to confront her past. At the same time a gentle love blooms between her and Jack, a friend from her youth, who was besotted with her as a teenager. Slowly she comes to terms with her own story and realizes that her efforts over the past 40 years to repress her family ties and her roots in Africa have been futile … she will never be able to deny where she comes from. She sets off to find her daughter, and in so doing is able to give her life a new direction.