DO read about DAS TRAUMHOTEL VII - Afrika

Production Company: Lisa Film Production Gmbh & Event Filmproduktion
SA Production Company: DO Productions
With: Christian Kohlund, Miriam Morgenstern, Christina Plate, Sigmar Solbach. Michael Roll, Eva Habermann, Hary Prinz, Jonathan Taylor, Andrew Stock
Producers: Alfred Strobl
Line Producers: Klaus Spinnler, Marlow de Mardt
Director: Otto Retzer
DOP: Peter Zeitlinger
Format: Super 16
Genre: Family
Year: 2006

After his appointment as general manager, Markus takes up his position in South Africa at The Lost City resort. Looking forward to seeing his daughter Leonie, he is surprised to discover she has joined an ecological group who are opposed to the land development in the area and he seeks ways to realise a middle-ground between the hotel investors and the environmentalists and surrounding rural villagers.

Markus’ widower friend Frank and his children arrive at the hotel for a holiday and the children deviously match-make their caregiver Rosa and their father; thereby finding their father a wife and themselves a new mother.

Sandra and Thorsten are among the guests at the hotel where Sandra has come to Africa to get her husband Robert to sign divorce papers, but she falls in love with Robert all over again and Thorsten returns to Europe alone.