Production Company: DO Productions
With: Mncedisi Shabangu, Martin Le Maitre 
Producers: DO Productions, Film Fetish
Associate Producers: Splice, Ministry of Illusion, Chris Fellows Sound Studios
Producers: Brigid Olën, Marlow de Mardt, John Vrey
Directors: Lara Foot Newton, Gerhard Marx
Animator and Art Director: Gerhard Marx
DOP: Fiona MacPherson
Format: Stop Frame Animation & DV Cam
Genre: Animated and live action short film
Year: 2004
Awards: Award Best Independent Mini Film - Independents Film Festival 2004 (USA) Award Merit - Brett Kebble Award 2004 Award Best South African Short Film - Durban International Film Festival 2005 Award Best Short Film – African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival of Milan, Italy 2006 Award Best Writer, Best Cinematographer and Best Short Film at the 2006 South African Film and Television Golden Horn Awards Award Special Mention in the International Competition "Confrontations - Films Against Violence And Intolerance" at the 22nd International Short Film Festival Berlin 2006 Award Best Short Animation, Best International Short Film Award Special Mention: The ActionAid Award - Birds Eye View Film Festival, UK 2007.
Description: AND THERE IN THE DUST, an animated interpretation of a scene from the acclaimed stage show TSHEPANG, uses rich textures, saturated colours and the combination of dramatic performance and stop frame animation to convey the complexities of a small town burdened by an act of violence.